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The Four Golden Compass Guides to Packing Fragile Items When Moving
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The Four Golden Compass Guides to Packing Fragile Items When Moving

If there is one thing, most people find difficult to do when moving is packing. Packing is very time consuming, and a mover might not be able to help to pack since some most of the things you will be moving with are your personal items. Packing fragile items is a nightmare to anyone who is moving from one house to another. You stand a chance of losing some precious items with one packing mistake.

So how do you go about the whole packing process of the fragile items so that when your movers get to your place, you are ready for the move? Below are four important tips to use when packing the fragile items.

1. Label the Packing Boxes

All the boxes that are packed with fragile items should be clearly labelled. The importance of labelling you packing boxes is so that the Edmonton movers can know how to handle the boxes properly and where to place them when moving those boxes. In addition to that, in case you have any children, they will know which boxes they are not allowed to tamper with. The packing boxes that you will use to pack your fragile items should have extra protection to ensure the items are given additional protection. You can use divided boxes, which can be easily found in wine or liquor stores. These boxes already have the sign “This Way Up” which is very important when handling fragile items.

2. Wrapping

The best way to offer additional support and protection to your glassware is by wrapping them. Use paper towels to wrap your fragile items. Paper towels provide ample cushioning and prevent the items from knocking each during movements. Also, you can make sure there is no movement in the packing box, by using as much paper towels as possible. Let the paper towels cover the items entirely even inside the packing boxes. For glassware, you will need to warp them with padding materials and still use paper towels for cushioning. Bubble warps should be used in abundance when packing fragile items.

3. Ample Supplies

To have a successful packing process before the mover arrives its best to make sure you have adequate packing supplies. Do you have the bubble wrap, the packing tape, labels and the packing boxes? After you have collected all the supplies you should have a packing plan. Decide which room you are going to start with, pack all the fragile items from one specific room before moving to the next room. Avoid packing items randomly since you will be unable to keep track of the items and have more disorganized unpacking process when you reach your destination. It will also prevent you from losing items during the moving process.

4. What Are You Packing

It is good to understand that the different fragile items you have in your house will need different packing tips. You will not use the same packing techniques you used on your glass plate to pack your lambs. When packing a fragile item make sure it is fully covered by the bubble wrap and the paper towels, this will offer both cushioning and protection from breaking. Then do not stack the glass items in the packing boxes next to each other, they will knock each other when the car is moving and hence break. Be keen on any clanging noise you might hear from the packing boxes you have used to pack the fragile items. In case you hear the sound, repack the box and rearrange the items in the box.

Lastly avoid the shortcut by using newspapers, old towels, and newsprints. Use the best supplies for packing fragile items, so that you do not incur any damages and losses during your moving process.