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Six Tips to Save Money on Summer Moving Expenses
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Six Tips to Save Money on Summer Moving Expenses

Summer is an ideal time to move; now that kids are on holiday and offices are flexible in granting vacation time. However, moving at this time can turn out to be a costly affair. If you are wondering how to save money on your moving expenses, here are six ideas to implement before hiring the movers.

1. Look for an apartment early

If you want to move into a new apartment, it’s advisable to look for it at least two months before you relocate. At this time, the current occupants will have recently informed the landlords about their intention to move, so, there won’t be much competition. You can book the one you like early to avoid the peak prices. It is also wise to book the best movers at least a month before your arranged moving date.

2. Deal with perishables

Start reducing the number of foodstuffs and other perishables that you buy a month before the set moving date. Such items are usually thrown away when moving, and it is often a considerable loss. Use up everything you have before buying more. You can use the cash to buy other things when you move into your new place.

3. Reduce clutter

The more the things you pack up, the costlier your move shall become. If you store the things you do not require, they will cost you unnecessary expenses. You will have to buy packaging boxes and materials for these things. Also, the movers Toronto might charge additional cost for the space that the items will use up. Before moving to your new apartment or home, make sure you undertake a massive cleanup. Donate the clothes and stuff you no longer use. If there is too much of the clutter, you can consider making a yard sale.

4. Look for discounts

Look out for retailers who sell packaging materials at low costs. Remember that most of the moving equipment you will use is not recyclable. Therefore, you can only use them once. Make sure you buy from the cheapest suppliers.

5. Start packing early

Start your sorting and packing plans early; preferably weeks before the moving day. You will have sufficient time to sort everything and take care of the stuff you no longer use. Besides, you would not want to pack at the last minute, as you might lose your things.

6. Research well before hiring a mover

The movers you hire for the day will determine how cost-effective the move will be. Make sure to get quotes from various companies before settling on a particular one. You can compare the prices and services before choosing to hire a moving company. Ask for discounts and coupons. However, keep in mind that cost is not the only consideration. Research on how reputable the firm is.