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Four Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money on Mover Fees
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Four Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money on Mover Fees

A common step that people take before relocating is to spring clean every corner of their home. You may think that this is to prepare the home to list for sale or to avoid being a packrat while moving. While these may be primary motivations for some people, another reason to spring clean before moving is to save money on mover fees. In fact, these are four important ways that your moving service fees can be reduced if you clear away the clutter as a first step.

1. Keep the Cost of Supplies Low

Many people who are preparing to relocate have a considerable amount of junk piled up in the garage, in cabinets, in closets and more. In addition, there may be many clothes and shoes that you have not worn in years, holiday décor that is worn out and undesirable and other items that you prefer not to see again. Rather than pay your Edmonton movers to pack these items for you and consequently pay for extra packing supplies, you can toss these items. Donating them or hosting a garage sale are also options.

2. Save Time on Moving Day

When you plan to hang onto more items and to relocate them into your new home, the mover team will need to exert more energy moving them. Many moving companies charge by the hour, and others charge by the number of furnishings and boxes that they haul around for you. In both cases, you can see that hanging onto unwanted items can tack on unnecessary moving fees.

3. Need Fewer Movers

The rates of mover companies are also closely linked to the number of movers that they are sending your way. For smaller projects, a team of two to three professionals may be assigned to work. Four or more professionals may be needed for larger projects. Each additional mover that is required will increase your relocation costs.

4. Use a Smaller Truck or Trailer

Many moving companies that provide their own truck or trailer for the relocation effort have multiple vehicles to choose from. Smaller vehicles may be used for a lower overall rate than larger vehicles. If you can consolidate your belongings enough so that you can relocate all belongings in a smaller truck or trailer, you could potentially save money with this aspect of the fee as well.

When you are preparing to relocate, you may have dozens of items on your to-do list. Spring cleaning can seem like a large and unnecessary project to take on at this time. However, you can see that it can actually save you a substantial amount of money. It may even save you time when you start unpacking in your new home.