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Four Essential Items to Take When You Move Into a Furnished Apartment
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Four Essential Items to Take When You Move Into a Furnished Apartment

Furnished apartments are commonly used by individuals who need short-term housing. A hotel stay is always an option, but this is not practical or comfortable if you intend to be in the same area for more than a few weeks. However, relocating all of your furniture and personal items to an unfurnished home for a few months is not ideal either. Many people who intend to move into furnished apartments Toronto have plans to live in the space anywhere from one month to several months. With this in mind, you may be wondering what items you should bring with you when you move into this space.

1. Your Electronics

Each furnished apartment may come with a unique list of items. Basic furnishings in the bedroom, living room and dining room are almost always included, but the inclusion of other items varies. Many people are heavily plugged in and are dependent on their smartphone, laptop and other devices. Therefore, you should remember to bring all of your electronics, charging cords and other related items.

2. Essential Kitchen Items

Some furnished units have at least a few kitchen items, such as a pot and a pan. Others have no kitchen items at all. It may be helpful to pack a box or two of items from your current kitchen, including plates, a coffee maker, utensils and other items that you need to cook most meals that you anticipate cooking while you are living in this new space.

3. Personal Hygiene Must-Haves

When you stay in a hotel, you may not need to bring items like soap, shampoo and a hairdryer that the hotel may provide. However, these and other hygiene items are not available in most furnished units. In addition, short hotel stays typically do not warrant the need to bring a nail file, nail clippers and many other items that are only needed intermittently. Think ahead about all of the hygiene items that may be needed during your stay in the furnished space, and pack those items in a box.

4. Personal Decorative Items

Personal decorative items, such as framed pictures of your family members, are not absolutely essential. However, it is easy to get homesick when you are in an unfamiliar environment and away from your friends and family. Packing a few of your more treasured personal items and placing them around your new space can help you to feel more settled and relaxed.

Many people find that they feel more at-home in a furnished apartment than in a hotel when they plan to be in the same area for more than a few weeks. However, furnished units typically do not provide you with everything that you may need access to in the weeks ahead. Use this guideline to help you pack for your furnished apartment rental.