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Five Home Painting Services That Achieve Dramatic Results
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Five Home Painting Services That Achieve Dramatic Results

If you want to change the way that your home looks on the outside or the inside, you can do so affordably. By contacting professional painters, you will find that you can make some transformations that can indeed upgrade your property. The following home painting services will give you an idea how these services can give your home a new look and extra curb appeal.

1. Cabinet Painting

When you do not have the money to afford brand-new cabinets, you can still paint your old ones for maximum effect. For example, you can convert hardwood cabinets to a premium painted finish. This type of painting service includes the removal and reinstallation of hardware.

You can have the cabinets painted in one of various solid colours. You may also ask Oakville painters about using stains that convey a lacquered look or antique finish. Cabinet painting also entails applying a distressed look or one-of-a-kind glazing to cabinetry. Professionals in the painting field can change the looks of kitchen cabinets and any type of built-in cabinetry.

2. Repainting or Refinishing Wood Handrails and Spindles

Do you want to give the spindles and wood handrails for your steps a new look? If so, home painting services include the painting or refinishing of wood handrails and spindles. Not only can handrails and spindles be stripped of their old paint but they can be refinished or glazed with various kinds of paints or stains. Talk to a painting contractor how you can revive the look of these kinds of items in your home.

3. Ceiling and Wall Painting

If you want to make a dramatic change that will beautify your living area, you can make a noticeable transformation by painting your ceilings and walls. A painting contractor can paint any height of wall or ceiling. He can use brushes or a spray to achieve the desired effect. Not only does this type of painting enhance the interior but it protects the surfaces against deterioration or mould and mildew.

4. Exterior House Painting

You can give the outside of your home a whole new look by having the exterior painted. If you cannot afford to add siding, painting can revitalize you home and increase its value. For example, maybe your home is currently white and shows some chipping. Add a pale yellow paint and you will give your home a whole new look. It has been shown that light yellow adds to a home’s overall desirability and curb appeal.

5. Painting Applications for Mantels, Bookshelves, and Interior Trims

Do you want to refresh your built-in bookshelves or mantel? You can do so with a couple coats of paint. Why not add a colour that is slightly darker or lighter than the wall colour to provide just the right contrast? If you want to give your living space added interest, this is the way to do it. You can also update the looks of baseboards and crown mouldings.