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Eight Styles of Home Windows
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Eight Styles of Home Windows

If you notice that your windows are rattling when it blows or rains, you really should have them replaced. Fortunately, you can find a number of window styles today that will look lovely and will stay secure when it storms or when the wind blows briskly on a winter’s eve. You may want to consider windows that are made with double-glazed glass to enhance security and add a layer of insulation. Some of the window styles that are offered are featured below.

1. Double-Hung Window

This type of window style feature two sashes that slide up and down vertically in the window’s frame. The window opens wide from either the bottom or top whilst remaining inside the frame. That way, they optimize the space within your living area. A single-hung window features a design where only the bottom portion of the window operates.

2. Casement Window

These kinds of windows Toronto are hinged and operated by turning a crank. They can be hinged on either the right or left side to open to the outside.

3. Awning Window

This window is hinged at the top and opens outside to allow air to flow in at the right, left, or bottom of the window’s design. The window can be installed below, above, or beside an operating or stationary window. This type of window is therefore often installed because it permits extra ventilation inside a living space.

4. Picture Window

If you have an outside view that you wish to savour, this is the ideal window to choose and install. This stationary window enables you to receive the maximum amount of natural light in your living space. You can indeed enjoy panoramic views when you choose this window design.

5. Transom Window

This narrow window can be configured to allow air to flow through a room or be maintained in a stationary position and mounted above a window or door. This type of window is designed to permit more natural light to flow into a living space or to add a decorative touch. Often, this type of window features stained glass to add to a room’s or hallway’s décor.

6. Slider Window

This type of window, as the name suggests, slides along a track. The track allows the window to slide horizontally one way over or past another window. This type of window is often installed in homes with modern architectural designs and is easy to operate.

7. Stationary Window

This window will not open but can be customized according a customer’s specifications. You can have this window designed in any shape or angle that you wish. This window is often included in a more contemporary-styled home and is added to spa-type bathrooms or included in larger kitchen designs.

8. Bay Window

This window style gives you more space within your living area. That is because the window protrudes on the outside of the house. This window often includes a stationary window and flanked by casement-style window designs or double-hung window styles.