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8 Featured Moving Services
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8 Featured Moving Services

Moving can either be streamlined or difficult. That is why you need to review the services offered by your local moving company. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what to expect, depending on the type of move that you plan to make.

1. Local Moving

When you are planning a local move, you are confining your move to a distance of up to 160 kilometres. Therefore, this type of move enables you to stay within your local community, town, or province. You will not travel beyond these perimeters. To make this type of move, you need to calculate the number of labourers and number of hours it will take to complete the moving process.

2. Long-Distance Moving

If you will be moving within your province but the move is over 160 kilometres, you can define this type of relocation as a long distance type move. When making this type of move, you can either choose a full-service move or one that is classified as a self-service relocation.

3. Full-Service Support

If you choose to move with full-service help, you can leave all the work to the people moving your items and furnishings. This means that you basically do not have to do anything: no packing or unpacking, no assembly or disassembly. All these services are performed by the people transporting your stuff. Therefore, a full-service move includes packing boxes, loading the boxes on a truck, delivering the items and furnishings to the intended location, and unloading and packing boxes again.

4. A Self-Service Move

If you choose a self-service approach for your move, the moving company is only responsible for loading your items and driving them to the final destination and unloading them. You will be responsible for packing and unpacking your items and assembling or disassembling any furniture.

5. Moving to Another Province

Sometimes your move will entail moving to another province. If you will be taking this step, this type of move is also classified as a long-distance move because it is normally over 160 kilometres.

6. International Moving

As the name suggests, an international-type move involves moving to another country. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the mover you choose specializes in this type of relocation services. Otherwise, a move can become rather stressful as international moves requires certain documents and following specific practices. That is why you need to choose a moving company Vancouver that has this type of moving expertise.

7. Small Relocations

Moves that entail moving form a small apartment to another small living space with items that are less than 907 grams in weight are classified as small moves. Usually, you only need one or two moving professionals to load and transport your items for this type of move.

8. Storage

When moving to a new location, whether it is local or long-distance, you also want to consider adding storage if required. If you have too much stuff to move to your residence, it is helpful to use the services of a full-service moving business that provides climate-controlled or containerized storage options.