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6 Great Bay Window Room Ideas
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6 Great Bay Window Room Ideas

If you are looking to add extra natural light to your living room or home office, bay windows are a perfect choice. Besides the fact they are larger than double-hung windows, they are simply trendier and give your space an open, outdoor feel that is hard to match. Here are six great bay window ideas you can try out.

1. Creating a Reading Nook

To turn a bay window into a reading nook, add a seat cushion next to it. A rectangular cushion with a few throw pillows to cover the edges of a bay window is recommended. You might also consider getting a cushion with the dimensions of a box bay. This can be a highly convenient way of using a bay window, especially in a child’s bedroom; or to make a second-floor hallway bay window even more functional.

2. Create Extra Storage and Seating

If you entertain guests frequently, or you have a small home, you may as well make the most of your bay window to create extra seating or storage. The dimensions of a bay window, especially in a small home, may be tricky, but nothing a professional contractor can’t figure out. They can build customized storage that’s topped with a functional bench that could become a favourite spot in your house. With a few throw pillows added for good measure, even your cat or dog would find such a bench a convenient place to take a nap. Additional information is available at the Panes website.

3. A Convenient Pet Bed

As alluded above, a bay window bench with a few throw pillows on it could be a favourite spot for everyone in your home, including the cat. If your house pet, dog or cat, loves looking out the window, you might want to make a pet nook out of your bay window. You could do this by placing a cushy pet bed in the negative space of your bay window or cover the bay window’s interior with a cushion.

4. A Veritable Home Office

Let’s say your bay window is in a spare bedroom you rarely use. You could turn it into a home office, especially if you are work-at-home dad or mum. With most people working from home these days, having a comfortable home office with enough natural light is highly convenient. Get a desk that fits inside the negative space of your bay window, or get one built-in. The desk should also include storage.

5. Kitchen Garden

Use a bay window as kitchen garden by placing a drip tray on the sill of the window before adding plants to set up your bay window kitchen garden. Consider planting edible plants such as herbs to use when cooking. You can add shelves to create more storage.

6. Create a Dining Nook

A bay window livens up your dining area. You can achieve this by creating a dining nook along the shape of your bay window. This could be a bow, box, or a canted shape. Have the rest of your dining room interiors designed along the shape of your bay window for extra impact. You can match the bay window’s curve with a built-in banquette or a round table, or include a custom bench inside a box bay window.