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6 Air Balancing Tips for Your Home’s Air Conditioning
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6 Air Balancing Tips for Your Home’s Air Conditioning

Air balancing helps with the even distribution of air around the home. In fact, it enhances the overall performance of your air conditioning. It’s time to avoid those uneven temperatures. Here are some tips to balance the temperature throughout the home.

1. Close or Open Your Register

You may think it’s a simple tip, but this process is one of the most effective ways to balance the temperature in the home. By moving the damper blade, you will be able to restrict air flow in the room. However, don’t completely close the vents; it could result in other problems. You can open registers on the upper floor and partially close registers on the lower floors if the weather temperature is moderate and warm. During the wintertime, you can do the opposite.

2. Inspect the Air Filters

There are many reasons why you should always keep your filters clean. These include improving air quality, increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning, increasing the lifespan of your unit and cutting down the cost of energy. Essentially, you should replace your air filters regularly. The change frequency depends on how often you use your air conditioning.

3. Prevent Heat by Installing Window Coverings

Your windows will most likely impact the comfort level in the home. If your windows have no drapes, shades, or blinds, they will heat up the space a lot faster, leaving your air conditioner trying hard to evenly distribute cool air around the home. Installing window coverings can help increase your comfort level.

4. Keep Electronic Equipment Away from Your Thermostat

Electronic equipment creates a lot of heat, which can significantly impact the overall comfort level of the home. With the addition of flat screen TVs and computers, the room will get heated much faster, requiring adjustment to your vents. You’ll notice this if you have a room air conditioner. The thermostat can pick up heat from electronic equipment, thus making your air conditioning Oshawa system work harder.

5. Prevent Airflow Restrictions

Don’t make the mistake of covering registers with furniture or big items that will restrict air flow. Blocking a vent with furniture makes the system overwork. Vents are there to supply a free flow of air, and they need about 18 inches of space to operate efficiently. If you notice your furniture or any item is blocking your vents, consider rearranging immediately.

6. Place Thermostat Fan Setting to “ON”

The fan setting may have a significant impact on how your air conditioning system operates. Most units have two fan settings – auto and on. By placing the fan setting to “on,” it will keep blowing non-stop. This will help filter and continuously replace your indoor air, keeping the air steady. If you utilize the auto setting, it can result in stagnant air. Keep in mind that each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re experiencing uneven distribution of air around the home, consider hiring an air conditioning repair and maintenance professional. Prior to that, try to see if you can fix the problem yourself using the above-listed tips.