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5 Tips to Solve Uneven Home Cooling Problems
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5 Tips to Solve Uneven Home Cooling Problems

Air conditioning systems are designed to make the home comfortable in the hot summer weather. But for many reasons, the unit may not cool evenly and equally in some part of the home. Learn a few tips to fix uneven home cooling problems.

1. Check That the Air Conditioning Unit’s Thermostats Is Set to “On”

Modern air conditioners Oshawa systems have two options on the thermostat for using the inbuilt fan – on and auto. For the auto setting, the unit’s fan will automatically turn on when the thermostat detects a need for cooling the home. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the thermostat will automatically power off again.

For the “on” setting, by contrast, the fan keeps working constantly. Setting the air conditioning unit’s thermostats to “on” will ensure even air circulation in the home. The only downside with leaving your unit’s fan running constantly is that it may increase the cost of your utility bill.

2. Clean the Air Duct System

If you have an air duct system but can’t recall ever doing any maintenance or cleaning on it, now is a perfect time to do so. Air duct systems can get clogged by a build-up of dust, debris, or dirt. This leaves your air conditioning unit working harder to supply the home with cool air. If air vents get clogged by accumulated dirt, it may result in uneven cooling issues.

To fix this problem, here are some steps to follow. First, do a thorough clean up of your air duct system and remove piles of dirt, debris or other unwanted materials. Second, seal and insulate your air ducts to prevent air leaks. This will ensure a cleaner, fresher and even cooling of air around the home.

3. Add More Insulation in the Attic

Your attic’s insulation serves two purposes: ensuring the air-conditioned air stays in and keeping unwanted warm air outside the home. If you don’t have the right amount of insulation, your air conditioning unit may not be working at full capacity. This results in a significant air difference on different floors of your home.

4. Check for a Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are an essential part of an air conditioning system. Dirty air filters can impact the quality of air in the home. It can reduce the amount of cool air delivered upstairs and downstairs.

Cleaning your air filter regularly can help improve the air quality that flows throughout your home. Replace air filters when due and as recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Control Different Areas with a Zoning System

Most homeowners don’t consider zoning systems because it’s expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Investing in a zoning system is an efficient way to deal with uneven air issues in the home. With zoning systems, you can independently control the temperature in specific rooms.

So, if your wallet permits, installing a zoning system will help resolve issues with uneven temperature throughout the home while allowing you to control the home’s temperature from the main thermostat.

If you’re facing uneven home cooling problems, there are basic maintenance tips that can help.