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5 Things to Expect From a Full Service Moving Company
Home Owners

5 Things to Expect From a Full Service Moving Company

No matter who you are or where you are going, a full service moving company will be a huge help in getting you from one location to another. You can also expect your movers to be extremely thorough in their process, and they will provide a comprehensive service that allows you to settle in your new home without feeling the exhaustion from the move.

1. Accurate Estimates from Home Inspections

A reliable moving company will visit your home and conduct a visual inspection, and they do this to form an accurate estimate for moving costs. They will look at your items and take note of anything that might be particularly difficult, which also helps them plan ahead.

As the homeowner, this gives you some peace of mind, as you will know where the estimate came from and what the price includes.

2. Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving companies commonly offer packing services as well, reducing the amount of work you need to do even more. They will also supply the packing materials, and they will know how to pack items efficiently and in a way that keeps them safe. Afterward, they will unpack and dispose of the materials. They will typically supply bubble wrapping and other safety materials to protect delicate items.

3. Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

If you have furniture or shelving units that can be disassembled, your movers can do this for you. This will allow them to make more efficient use of space in their trucks, and they can reassemble the furniture while unpacking your belongings at your new home.

4. Storage Options

A full service moving company will also give you storage options. If you have items that you can’t take with you at the moment or that you intend on getting rid of in the future, you can place these items in your moving company’s storage facility until you are ready to deal with them. The information at is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

5. Specialized Moving Equipment

In addition to carts and hand trucks, your moving company might also have access to hoists and other specialized moving equipment for particularly difficult items. For example, if they need to remove a piano out of a second-story window, this is actually easier with the right equipment. As a reliable company, you can trust them to do this successfully, and they will typically place safety coverings on your belongings to prevent damage.