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5 Secrets Moving Companies Don’t Share: Pack and Move Like a Pro
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5 Secrets Moving Companies Don’t Share: Pack and Move Like a Pro

More and more people are turning to professional movers when they need to relocate. Moving without the help of a professional moving company can be a difficult, time-consuming process and if you have the budget, it just makes sense to hire movers. Not only will this make the process easier, but it could save you time and money in ways you never expected. Before you hire movers, though, check out the secrets they don’t tell you.

1. Subcontracting is Standard

A lot of companies sub-contract work, including to temporary and seasonal employees. Not only is this unsettling because these people often aren’t vetted like traditional employees, but the fact that your mover didn’t bother to tell you could be a red flag. Make sure that you question your movers Vancouver about who will be doing the move. Reputable movers should provide you with specific details of the people coming into your home, including names and identification.

2. Movers’ Insurance Falls Short

Most insurance companies offer insurance to their customers, but it is rarely enough to cover the actual cost of replacing items that may be lost or damaged in the move. What’s more is that some companies will only offer insurance if they also do the packing. After all, if you pack poorly and things break as a result, they will say it is not their responsibility. Check your home or renter’s policy and buy extra moving insurance if you need it.

3. Online Moving Quotes are NEVER Accurate

A mover cannot get an accurate estimate of the job without seeing it. Therefore, if you are offered quotes online or over the phone, you should take them with a grain of salt. These are a very loose estimate and should only be used to get an idea of your moving budget. Make sure an on-site estimate is done and comes with a guarantee or “final” price.

4. They Don’t (and Can’t) Move Everything

A lot of less reputable movers will try to get business with big promises and flashy deals. The fact is that federal laws prohibit moving a lot of hazardous and flammable household items. If your mover does NOT have a list of items they are unable to move, you should reconsider using their service. Movers can’t be responsible for grills, lawnmowers, or perishable items, among other things.

5. Many Companies Over-Book Jobs

To prevent downtime, some movers will over-book their customers, which could result in them arriving late for your home or not showing up at all. Check with a reputable mover that will give you a concrete timeline and schedule for moving. Verify that they don’t have other jobs going on at the same time that will take away their focus or cause delays in your move.

Hiring a moving company will make your next move easier and less stressful, but only if you choose the right movers for the job. Don’t get swindled by secrets and misinformation from a company that sounds too good to be true. Be proactive and do your homework for the best outcome.