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5 Home Window Types That Can Change Your Home Today
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5 Home Window Types That Can Change Your Home Today

Are you looking for a way to bring some new life into your home without making major renovation changes? Do you love natural light and want to let it shine through your home in new and exciting ways? Windows play a huge role in the overall look and atmosphere of your home, and making sure you have the right accents to fit your style is key to falling in love with the space all over again. Here are five different types and how they can affect your home’s aesthetic today.

1. Picture Windows

If you’re looking for a way to let in the most amount of light possible, then this is the best possible solution for you. A stationary option that cannot be opened, you’ll feel like you’re living in the outdoors when you install this option into your home. Perfect for homes with outstanding views, your entire wall will become a window in no time at all. Make sure you invest in exceptionally thick glass, that way you know your home is always secure, making the most of the beauty of your surroundings.

2. Bay Windows

Not only will this stunning option allow significantly more light to enter into your home, but it will also provide you with an extra amount of space in the interior of your home. This window most often comes as a set of three, which are angled outward to capture more light. Often used for things like breakfast nooks or reading areas, these are great spaces for enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whilst staying in the comforts provided by your own home.

3. Transom Windows

If you’re looking for a way to really brighten up your entryway, then this is the perfect choice. Most often placed above front doors, transom options are rectangular and horizontal accent windows Toronto that are most often placed above the door frame to let in a stunning amount of light, making the usually dark and drab entryway something you’ll love walking into every single day.

4. Skylights

One of the most exciting possibilities for any homeowner, adding a skylight not only allows you the opportunity to let in beautiful amounts of natural lighting during the day, but you can really enjoy the elegance of the night sky while still being in the comfort of your home. Also great for ventilation, this lighting choice is perfect for spaces like kitchens or master bathrooms, where you can really make the most of the stunning sights it will provide you with.

5. Garden Windows

A perfect solution if you need a little more extra space, they are litteral boxes of glass that burst out of the side of your home. Initially designed to hold and maintain plants, it can also be used to display your own sense of style through little pieces of artwork, books, or even spices. These are unique architectural features that will be a great focal point in any space, and so make sure you do your best to show it off as your own however you possibly can.