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5 Factors To Consider When Selecting New Windows For Your House
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5 Factors To Consider When Selecting New Windows For Your House

Have you realized the windows that homeowners used nowadays are somehow bigger than what they used to be? Well, that’s because homeowners have realized that windows are part of what makes the home stand out. It’s fascinating how homeowners now have a robust selection of window products to choose from. They can opt for anything that they find efficient, decorative and functional. Apparently, so many things in the housing industry have changed and you can tell this because people no longer think of windows as just mere installments that usher in more natural light or fresh air.

Nobody feels the inclination to cover up their window anymore. They want visitors to see the window and realize that it’s the focal point of the room. In fact, a study showed that about three out of ten homeowners who’re planning to make home improvements later on in the year will install new windows. So let’s look at the things you need to take into consideration when choosing a new window for your house:

1. High Energy

According to experts, if you’re looking for a gold standard in energy efficient design then you should go for low-e argon gas-filled windows. Of course you’ll have to pay 15 to 20 percent more but after five or six years, you’ll see a return on this investment. They are actually 30 percent more efficient compared to your typical double-pane windows, so you’ll be reducing your energy bills. To learn more, visit Panes.

2. The U-Factor

A window’s U-factor (or U-value) measures the heat loss rate. If the U-value is low, you should expect the window’s resistance to heat flow to be great. So if you live in a cold climate, you should think of installing one that has a U-factor of 35 or less. If you’re in a warmer climate, go for one with 75.

3. Friendly frames

So are we going to go with wood, vinyl, or aluminium-clad frames? Even though vinyl is easy care, it lacks the aesthetic appeal. Wood is just high maintenance and aluminium-clad are pretty expensive compared to vinyl. How about you try fiberglass? For one, it’s more dimensionally stable compared to vinyl or wood, its low-maintenance, and more energy efficient.

4. Tint technology

We’re not talking about the tints that are too dark that they completely block the outdoor views or the tacky films that keep peeling at the corners. Forget about all those. These new window films that we’re talking about will keep your house cooler, preserve the textiles and paint by providing UV protection, and fool the eye completely.

5. Transoms that open

They call them the ‘eyebrow art’ of the window. Instead of offering fixed transoms that serve as aesthetics only, we do have manufacturers that are producing ‘active’ transoms that open. The look is even more appealing seeing as they do require deeper casing. If you’re a homeowner looking for something different, something that doesn’t look like some flat glass piece stuck on a wall, go to the store and get yourself some active transoms.