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5 Benefits of the Furnished Apartment Lifestyle

5 Benefits of the Furnished Apartment Lifestyle

Although not necessarily a new phenomenon, the current furnished apartment rental market is flourishing in a diverse and never seen before way. There are more options available now than in the past, with everything from luxury homes to shared budget flats, you can find something to simplify your life regardless of your situation. In fact, furnished apartments can even make a goal that previously seemed inaccessible within reach.

Whether this is going to school on the other side of the country, taking that dream job, or simply packing up and starting over, furnished apartments give you the freedom to move quickly and easily.

1. Peace of mind from start to finish

When renting a furnished apartment, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and there will be no surprises come moving day. Generally, the furniture present in the apartment will be clearly catalogued in a document that can be used for reference by both you and your landlord. You will be able to plan for the items that are present and decide what else you need to bring with you based on the existing content.

2. It makes moving a breeze

As stated above, due to the back that there are not going to be any surprises, all you need to worry about it packing up your personal items and moving them from point A to point B. Often time, there is no need to get professional movers involved, and the process can be completely simply with a few trips. You can rest assured that strangers won’t be handling your belongings and things are much less likely to incur damage when the process is simplified.

3. No-fuss style from day one

As the furnished apartment industry has become more sophisticated, property owners understand that they need to provide an up to date environment and style in the places they rent. You should be able to expect a modern space with a cohesive design and color scheme that feels both classic and contemporary. Usually they will have new appliances and the kitchenware will be neutral yet functional.

Depending on the amount you are paying for the apartment, the owner might even be willing to accommodate certain design requests, or perhaps repaint according to your desires. Also remember that even though you won’t have as much control as you would in a place where you selected everything yourself, you can still add personal touches throughout the space with small personal touches. There are just providing you with the foundation to create a space a love.

4. Say goodbye to liability

Another great feature of living in a furnished apartment is the fact that you don’t have to worry about something breaking or malfunctioning. If there is a problem, you simply have to contact the landlord and they will have it resolved promptly. Many owners manage more than one property in an area, so they already have established relationships with tradespeople in the neighborhood, who are quick, trustworthy, and will be able to resolve the issue promptly.

5. Not necessarily a short-term solution

Although a lot of the initial reasons that come to mind for why a furnished apartment is the way to go involve short-term solutions, a lot of people live in furnished apartments Toronto for many years or even decades at a time. Furniture shopping and interior design are not for everyone, and a furnished apartment can be a great way to live in a comfortable and stylish environment, while not having to put in the time and energy to craft a design aesthetic. With the volatile real estate market, more people are renting long-term in order to avoid regretting an unwise investment.