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5 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions Debunked
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5 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Many people don’t care how air conditioning works—they just don’t want it to stop. But many people have misconceptions when it comes to the production of that frigid air, and it’s time to debunk the myths.

1. Switching Off the AC When You Leave Saves Money

Switching off the air conditioning unit for short periods of time makes it work harder to cool down your home, which could raise costs. If you want to keep your home cool while cutting down on the energy bill, it is advisable to get a programmable thermometer. Make sure your windows are covered and increase the temperature by a few degrees. By doing this, you will keep the air in the room cool all day long without dealing with high energy bills.

2. Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Will Get Other Rooms Cooler

Most modern air conditioning units are built to make the home cooler, so by closing the vents, the cold air remains inside the vent. This reduces the efficiency of the unit. Rather than allowing the cool air to circulate evenly and in places where it’s needed the most, the air bounces back. This leaves the compressor with extra work. Closing vents in unused rooms can make the unit become less efficient. If you don’t want cool air in a specific room in the home, invest in a ductless mini split air conditioner. As the name implies, it doesn’t require ducts.

3. Changing the Filter Less Often Is Okay

Odds are you may have a hard time remembering all the procedures that go into air conditioning maintenance, but air filters play a significant role in improving the quality of air that circulates in the home. Also, this component enhances the performance of the air conditioning unit. When your filter gets clogged with dirt and dust, it lowers efficiency. Not only that, it impacts the quality of air circulating in the home. Furthermore, it makes the ventilation system work twice as hard to produce results. Changing filters regularly will help improve the air quality in the home.

4. Keeping the Thermostat at the Same Temperature throughout the Day Is Best

Many people think that keeping your thermostat set at the same temperature all day will help maximize the use of energy and reduce wear and tear. What they probably don’t know is that leaving the unit’s temperature constant consumes more energy when compared to reducing the thermostat particularly when the home is vacant. As mentioned, to save more on energy bills, invest in a programmable thermostat.

5. Air Conditioning Requires Little or No Maintenance in the Winter

Many people think an outdoor air conditioning unit is designed to endure extreme winter conditions. Even though this statement holds true to some extent, you may be running the risk of reducing efficiency and the lifespan of the unit if it is left uncared for in the winter. It is therefore advisable to take proper care of your unit during the off-months.

If you want to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your air conditioning unit and prevent a major breakdown, consider hiring a professional technician to have your air conditioners Oshawa serviced.