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4 Ways to Help Back Pain

4 Ways to Help Back Pain

These days, it is very common to suffer from back pain, whether it’s lower back pain, shoulder pain, or spinal pain. If you are suffering from back pain, you may be wondering what’s the best way to cope. From seeing a medical professional, to taking medication, to simply taking it easy and hiring a mover instead of doing it yourself, there are many ways to help your back pain. Keep reading to learn more about 4 ways to help your back pain.

1. See a doctor

The most effective way to take care of your back pain may also be the most obvious: see a doctor. Your doctor can take a look at your back and listen to the symptoms you describe, and determine if your problem is muscular, joint-related, or bone-related. A doctor can also prescribe medications if necessary, and refer you to specialists. Doctors can also tell if your back pain is primary, meaning it’s not caused by anything else, or secondary, meaning it’s caused by another disorder. Secondary back pain can often be treated by treating the underlying cause, for example, obesity.

2. Don’t do any heavy lifting

One of the easiest ways to throw out your back is by doing too much heavy lifting. If you are experiencing back pain, it’s important to avoid any heavy lifting. This means if you’re planning on moving any time soon to hire a good set of Edmonton movers to move your items. Even moving a single piece of furniture can worsen your back pain, so make sure to enlist help if you need to do physical labour.

3. Use a heating pad

Heat therapy is a very common way to treat many kinds of pain, because it loosens muscles and soothes the area. You can use an electric heating pad to treat your back pain. Simply apply the pad to the painful area and plug it in. You should start feeling better after fifteen to twenty minutes. You can keep the heating pad on as long as it’s helping you. Just make sure your skin doesn’t turn red or show signs of burning. If so, turn off the heating pad and go to a doctor.

4. See a massage therapist

If your doctor advises you that your back pain is due to sore or tense muscles, it may be a good idea to find a highly qualified registered massage therapist who can help release some of the tension. Massage therapists are trained to release muscle knots and other forms of muscle tension, and they can also keep your muscles limber so they don’t become painful. Massage therapists typically go to school for at least 2 years and they learn a lot about how to treat back pain. If you describe your back pain to the therapist, he or she should be able to do a lot to help you.