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4 Types of Home Windows to Consider
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4 Types of Home Windows to Consider

If you want to increase the value of your property and add to its beauty, you should consider having your windows replaced. Doing so will help you save energy, especially if the installations feature double glazing. Double glazed panes keep the cool or warm air from escaping and, therefore, help you save on your utility consumption in the winter and summer. You just need to figure out which styles of window products to include in your home’s design. The following window styles will give you a better idea.

1. Arched Designs

A window with an arched design often looks great in a living area. You may want to include stained glass in the design to make it extra special. This form of window is an ideal addition to any traditional home that features a Victorian or Gothic design. Formerly, this design was used extensively in Roman architecture. Not only does the design open up a space, it creates a memorable appearance. If you want to increase your home’s overall kerb appeal, this is the way to do it.

2. A Casement Style Window

This window is hinged on one side and is designed to crank out when it is opened. The window features two panes that look welcoming. For a window to be considered a casement window, it needs to feature the hinge. While many people depend on double hung windows for their home, they may overlook the advantage of adding a casement style window. A casement window works out well in warmer locales, where a home may need extra ventilation. In fact this type of window is considered a better choice than a double hung window or single hung window product when it comes to ventilating a house.

3. A Bay Type Window Design

A bay window is represented in a design of three separate window installations, each of which are angled and appear outward on a home’s exterior. The middle window of the group is usually considered a picture window and is larger than the other windows in the grouping, also known as flankers. When you include a bay window in a living space, it automatically enlarges its looks. The window product also adds architectural details and catches more light than a regular window.

4. Single Hung and Double Hung Window Designs

A single hung or a double hung window is often featured in homes. The difference between the single hung and double hung configuration is the way the sashes are designed. When you use a double hung window, both sashes move. On the other hand, only one sash moves in a single hung window design.

If you are concerned about cleaning ease, this feature can present a challenge. Typically, only the bottom part of the window open, which means you usually require two separate windows Toronto to provide the proper ventilation. You usually can do this by opening a portion of the top or bottom section of a double hung window. Both of these window products are prominently featured in both modern and older home styles. The only real drawback to using either window is that it is not simple to clean.