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4 Things to Tell the Moving Company in Advance
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4 Things to Tell the Moving Company in Advance

As you prepare for a major move to a new location, you have probably signed a moving company contract that outlines specific terms and conditions for the event. Many contracts or agreements are fairly common in language and considerations, and you might assume there is no need to include seemingly minor details. But it is worth mentioning any possible changes of note that could impact the moving day activities.

1. Someone Else May Be There to Help

If you plan to recruit family or friends to help on the day of the move, let the movers Vancouver know. Questions could arise that the moving crew will need to ask the person in charge or assisting with oversight. They might not know that a secondary person on the premises can be approached with questions if you are unavailable, but assume the person is there to visit. If you have to leave temporarily, leave your cell phone or other contact information so you can reached in case your helper is unable to answer a question.

2. You May Run a Few Minutes Late

When transitioning to the new property with a plan to meet movers there, provide a clear meeting time or let the moving crew know if you might be running a little behind schedule. Any possible changes to your schedule should be relayed to the moving company as soon as possible so the plan can be updated as needed. Don’t take a chance on trying to arrive on time without informing the movers.

3. Specific Directions to New Location with Construction Updates

You likely will provide the relocation address in advance, knowing the movers can use their GPS to locate the current or new destination. However, if new construction is taking place or weather problems have damaged area roads, if there is a chance the news is not widely publicized or the moving company might not be aware, let them know so they can adjust routes accordingly.

4. Special Concerns or Tips

A few days before the move, take a quick inventory of conditions that may have changed since making initial arrangements with the company. If the living room furniture you had planned to move has been sold to a neighbor instead, this could reduce the amount of time needed to load and transport the remaining furniture. Informing the company will let them adjust the schedule to possibly help you save time and money.

Communication is vital for best outcomes related to a relocation move. It is usually better to offer too much information than not enough. If in doubt whether to mention a simple change of plan, call the company and ask. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.