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4 Things to do Before the Locksmith Arrives
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4 Things to do Before the Locksmith Arrives

A locksmith provides valuable security services for homes and businesses. More than just changing door locks when someone moves in or out, this type of security expert can offer advice on the best type of locks for your building, as well as tips for when to have your locks changed. When you schedule a locksmith visit to your premises, here are a few things you can do to prepare.

1. Assemble all related keys.

Gather the door keys, including spares, to ensure they all work in the locks they should fit, if you haven’t done this before. If you don’t have spare keys, make a point of asking for a couple of duplicates to be made, and then label them with nail polish or store them in an envelope indicating which doors they work with. Ask the lock technician for advice on where to store extra keys outdoors. For added security, don’t mention which, if any, of the proposed suggestions you plan to follow.

2. Ask about new or updated lock options.

Locksmith companies now keep in stock a number of security options for homes and businesses, including electronic versions, remote maneuvering, and video surveillance options. Find out what is available and would be suitable for your premises. Find out if there are introductory trial offers or discounts. You might also inquire about additional security devices such as a home safe or a fence security system, if available.

3. Make a list of questions.

As with consulting any professional, it is a good idea to plan your questions in advance so you don’t forget to ask them when the technician arrives. You may want to learn more about outdoor locks for the garage or shed, as well as window locks in addition to regular door locks. Find out if the lock alarms can be wired to alert police if someone tries to break in. Check to ensure the alarms are still working properly, and how to get the special battery that is often needed for these types of alarms. The information at lockup services Inc is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

4. Ensure the building’s locks are accessible.

When the locksmith arrives to check your locks, be sure there is clear access to each location. For example, if you have a locked door in a storage room that is full of boxes and bins that make it difficult for the technician to work on the door or window locks, move things out of the way for easier access. Move the dog, if aggressive or a barker, to another area of the home while the locks are being checked or changed.

Home security is vitally important for the safety and security of residents. Check your home locks and alarms annually for reliability.